Nordic Minimalist Style Frosting Glass Vase


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Elevate your home decor with our Luxury Nordic Minimalist Vase. Made from premium quality frosting glass, this classic vase adds a touch of sophistication to any living room. The modern design and sturdy stand make it the perfect vessel for displaying your favorite flowers. Transform your space with this stylish and functional decorative piece.

Material: Glass & Crystal

Size: M(15-25cm)

Style: American Style

Function: Tabletop Vase

Product parameters:

Material: glass

Style: simple and applicable

Space: Desktop

Color classification: New tornado gradient gray [trumpet], new tornado gradient green [trumpet], new tornado gradient gray [large], new tornado gradient green [large]

Types of flower containers: vase

Applicable objects: flowers/green plants

TIPS/warm reminder


■The vase is fragile, please handle it with care;

■Do not let children under 6 years old play near the vase to avoid the vase falling and being scratched by debris;

It is normal for glassware to produce slight machine marks, blisters, water ripples, etc. due to production process problems;

■The heat-resistant temperature of the product does not exceed 70°C. Do not use it with sudden cooling and sudden heating. At the same time, do not directly heat it at high temperature or soak it in boiling water to avoid glass breakage.